Introducing PIP’s New CEO: Dave Rutkowski

From the founding of Android and the launch of LinkedIn, to the release of iTunes and the first Blu-ray Disc prototype player, 2003 held a number of digital milestones.

It’s also the year I co-founded Performance Improvement Partners.

With Blu-ray Discs having come and gone, it’s safe to say technology has gone through substantial changes since PIP’s humble beginnings almost 20 years ago.

Leading the Way in Technology Consulting for Private Equity

Technology – and the way companies use it to drive value – will never stop transforming. And, in PIP’s commitment to remain Private Equity’s go-to partner for technology-driven value creation, neither will we.

I’m excited to introduce Dave Rutkowski, who I’ll be partnering with as he joins PIP as Chief Executive Officer.

Dave is a technology leader at heart, bringing almost 30 years of experience at Accenture, where he led IT and digital transformation efforts for global enterprise organizations as well as the incubation and growth of several emerging business units.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dave over the past few months, and it quickly became evident to me the value he brings PIP – and our clients – through his expertise in executive leadership, business strategy, and technology-driven transformation.

Most importantly, I’m thrilled Dave shares the same values PIP was founded with, making him the ideal individual to pave the way into the future thanks to his kind, curious, ‘listen-first’ approach.

Dave leads with curiosity and discipline, and takes a listen-first approach while maintaining an eye on the future in driving transformational change. I’m delighted to work side-by-side with him on the executive leadership team as we strengthen PIP’s values — building long-term partnerships, making the complex simple, and focusing on the outcome.

An Experienced Executive to Drive Value for PE Firms and Portfolio Companies

Dave’s extensive experience brings added insights and opportunities for our clients in their mergers and acquisition strategies. During his time at Accenture, he led and grew multiple practices identified as critical to gaining a competitive advantage, including Mobility, Internet of Things, and Industry X.0.

His dedication to building long-lasting partnerships has been demonstrated through his work with leaders across the technology industry, including Microsoft, AWS, and SAP.

Most importantly for PE Firms, Dave knows how to drive growth.

His belief in – and ability to deliver – continuous improvement has been proven through his work with clients that include AT&T, Caterpillar, and Ford, in which Dave helped companies achieve operational excellence and scale.

And, rest assured, Dave knows how to move at the speed of Private Equity. Consumed by all things automotive, and instructing others at High-Performance Driving Events for the past 15 years, “slow” is not an option on his odometer.

Building a Technology Team Private Equity Firms Can Rely On

As I continue in my role as Founder of PIP, I am thrilled by the journey we’re taking.

With other recent executive hires including Pat Donegan, Managing Director of Growth and Client Services, and Kiran Kumar PV, Managing Director of Business Transformation Strategy and Delivery, we remain steadfast on our mission to design pragmatic technology solutions that deliver transformational business results.

The technology landscape can be tricky to navigate. We’re here to help you find the optimal path, and give your PE Firm guidance on the technology issues and opportunities surrounding your investments.

Please consider Dave, me, and the entire PIP Team strategic resources for your firm.

Feel free to contact Dave or me at any time – no question is too big or small; we’re here to support you and your portfolio, so you can utilize technology and realize your fullest potential.




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