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Get started identifying risks and unlocking value creation opportunities with an IT due diligence.

Make Faster, Informed Decisions With Private Equity IT Diligence

Gather the information you need to inform your acquisition and value creation decisions. With PIP’s Private Equity IT due diligence, you get visibility into how the technology components of an organization might pose potential risks and opportunities for your investment.

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Demand Data-Driven Value Creation.

When using IT due diligence to assess a target company, you need smart people giving their honest opinion — and that’s exactly what you get with PIP.

At PIP, we go beyond traditional ”red flag” due diligence; our technology diligence process delivers actionable insights and uncover growth opportunities to launch your value-creation journey.

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Identify Risks
Start by collecting intelligence on technical debt and costly upgrades that might cause delays or hold back growth.
Uncover Opportunities
Fold opportunity identification into IT due diligence and find new ways to leverage technology to create incremental value.
Get Actionable Data
Go beyond risk identification. Get pragmatic technology recommendations and estimates to start designing your roadmap.
Launch Value Creation
Act on due diligence intelligence immediately. Partner with PIP’s strategy and implementation teams to start realizing value.

“I worked with Performance Improvement Partners at my previous Private Equity firm and have worked with them exclusively since founding High Road Capital Partners. They are very pragmatic and do a great job of matching technical proficiency with economic reality. We use PIP for all of our IT diligence and make sure that they are involved in all portfolio company technology implementations.”

Robert J. Fitzsimmons

Founder & Managing Partner | High Road Capital Partners

IT Due Diligence Is In Our DNA

IT Due Diligences Performed

Average Technical Debt Per Application

Value Creation Starts With IT Due Diligence

See beyond the risks to start creating value. Evolve your deal activity with opportunities uncovered with IT diligence purpose-built for today’s digitally transformed world.

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Uncover Tech-Enabled Value Creation

Achieve next-level performance.

Use the insights gained in your PE IT diligence work to inform your value creation roadmap. Technology is the tool by which you outsize outcomes and deliver results that drive value for the top and bottom lines.

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Map The Current State

Take a look under the hood of the business and start examining applications and infrastructure, assessing potential investor risks or costs associated with out-of-date technology.


Identify & Prioritize Risks

Use risk assessment to analyze and prioritize the data, technology, and compliance risks faced by the business. Determine the target company’s cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure data compliance.

Understand The Organization

Use key findings to evaluate the current organizational structure, identify key personnel, and understand how culture and leadership might facilitate technology transformation, adapting and innovating for growth.


Optimize For Efficiency

Discover the potential for technology to drive operational excellence and improved productivity. Strip away unnecessary technologies and reduce costs.

Enable Growth & Value Opportunity

Initiate short- and long-term growth by identifying where opportunities reside. Balance quick wins with strategic opportunities to build momentum for value creation.

Featured Case Study

IT Due Diligence Analyzes Platform’s Capabilities and HIPAA Compliance

A leading PE firm partnered with PIP to assess a potentially transformative healthcare software application developed by a prospective portfolio company.

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Construct A Custom, Value-Driven Analysis

Get robust insights into the current state of data, software, and technology infrastructure in a business. A complete PE IT diligence includes everything you need to inform your investment committee and plan for what’s next.

  • Executive Summary
  • Report Card
  • Summary Findings
  • Investment Recommendations
  • Approximate Costs
  • Next Steps
  • Supporting Materials

And we take it one step further. With highlighted recommendations, pragmatically aligned to value creation opportunities, you have the data you need to make your investment thesis a reality.

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Start Private Equity IT Diligence Today

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