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BPR & Automation

Reengineer workflows, improve productivity, and drive value creation with BPR for Private Equity.

Shift Forward. Get To Operational Excellence.

Business process reengineering (BPR) and automation take derived insights into processes and overlay a technology solution that aligns business to digital — driving efficiency, productivity, reduced costs and, along the way, operational excellence.

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Streamline Workflows

Reinvent the ways things have always been done by embedding BPR and automation for Private Equity.

Eliminate Redundancies

Identify opportunities for improved efficiencies by assessing current processes and mapping responsibilities.

Enhance Productivity

Use BPR for Private Equity to fine tune how business operates and help employees deliver high quality work more efficiently.


Drive Value Creation

Push everything towards value creation. Build better systems using technology that deliver quantifiable results to your investors.

Growing BPR & Automation Market


Business leaders embrace automation advantages

Growth of marketing automation in B2B since 2011


Executives use automation to increase speed

Get Started With Automation & BPR For Private Equity

Leverage the power of technology to improve outcomes and value opportunity.

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The Benefits Of BPR & Automation For Private Equity

Eliminate excess. Retain value. Use BPR for Private Equity.

Excess data and inefficient processes are not benign. Businesses with redundant data experience a total revenue loss of 12% — and that’s not including reputational damage.

Using automation and BPR for Private Equity, PIP helps reduce overlap, streamline processes and optimize workflows, delivering on operational excellence for our portfolio companies.

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Reduce Operational Costs

At its core, BPR and automation reduce operational costs, either by eliminating unnecessary resources or simplifying processes.

Improve EBITDA

Establish improved systems and see a direct correlation with EBITDA by simplifying processes across the organization.

Increase Productivity

Drive better outcomes — for customers, for employees, and for the bottom line — by streamlining workflows.

Boost Performance

Give employees and executives the tools they need to rethink how business works, elevating performance across every business unit.

“I have worked with Performance Improvement Partners over the years in my current and previous company because they always act in our best interest. They are a client focused organization that ramps-up quickly, provides quality deliverables that are on time within budget.”

Damien Creavin

SVP & CTO | Availity

Enact Change With BPR For Private Equity

Reengineer. Reinvent. Reimagine.

Without business process reengineering, the chance of driving value is minimal. Cumbersome processes and weighty, redundant teams take a toll on both bottom line costs and top line growth.

By optimizing workflows and bringing in a fresh set of eyes, PIP works with portfolio companies to improve efficiencies and operations across the business.

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Simplify And Save With Automation For Private Equity

Accomplish value creation by overlaying a technology component that drives productivity and efficiency.

That’s the goal of automation for Private Equity value creation. By identifying how processes can be automated, reduce workloads and find new opportunities for employees to add value and help achieve growth targets — fast.

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Your Team Of Pragmatists & Technologists

By joining an engineering mindset to business acumen, our teams outsize outcomes for our Private Equity and portfolio company clients.

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Build A Team

A nimble structure enables us to meld strategic technologist teams together to deliver the best outcome for your project.

Get Enterprise Experience

Our diverse client base means we can deliver enterprise-grade solutions to mid-market firms.

Get The Speed You Need

A focused approach to Private Equity — and PE alone — mean we know what you need and when you need it.

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Reengineer How Value Creation Happens

Use BPR and automation to drive new value creation opportunities.

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