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Enterprise Applications

Identify and build scalable, pragmatic enterprise applications aligned to your business.

Realize Operational Excellence with Enterprise Applications

Transform the business and outsize outcomes by selecting and implementing enterprise applications that transform operations, the customer experience, and your workforce — all for the better.

From CRMs to ERPs, from marketing automation tools to business intelligence systems, PIP helps you identify, roadmap, and implement enterprise applications and software, off-the-shelf or custom-built to your business needs.

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Simplify Product Selection

Make a pragmatic decision and identify fit-for-purpose enterprise software applications that align with business goals, budgets, and timelines.

Design an Implementation Roadmap

Shift from product selection to plan, working in tandem with our teams to construct a phased approach to implementation based on your business needs.

Maximize Your Investment

Ensure you are getting the full value from your enterprise applications through customization of your instance aligned to business processes, use case, and goals.

Get To Better, Faster

Improve overarching business efficiencies and start generating top line growth by making it easier for employees to deliver to customers.


Of ERP customers have out-of-date-systems


Of IT leaders see enterprise apps as best way to leverage AI


Of an IT balance sheet goes to technical debt

Transform Operations. Drive Value.

Renew the business and build the bottom line.

The applications on which business runs are foundational to operations, and poor investment over time can drag down efficiency, productivity, and growth. And when the business can’t effectively deliver, the impact on customer service is dramatic.

Propel the business forward. Enterprise applications drive bottom line value and top line performance by enabling service delivery, reducing pipeline leakage, and improving reputation. Outsize outcomes by improving growth capabilities with confidence in your business foundation — enterprise applications.

Reduce Operational Costs

Improve cash flow with cost-effective software. By streamlining operational efficiencies and employee workstreams, you cut down on costs.

Increase Productivity

Give employees what they need to get the job done right. Legacy software and unwieldy processes dramatically reduce your ability to succeed — and lead.

Deliver Better Service

Put customers front and center. Implement an enterprise application stack that enhances the customer experience through reputation-worthy service — driving retention and revenue.


Improve Agility

Stay competitive with the ability to pivot in the marketplace. Today all businesses are digital and the foundation is the software applications on which they are built.

Empower Employees

Increase employee retention and satisfaction. A better solution means a better workforce. Help staff to focus on high-impact work and activities that drive the greatest outcomes.

“I have worked with Performance Improvement Partners over the years in my current and previous company because they always act in our best interest. They are a client focused organization that ramps-up quickly, provides quality deliverables that are on time within budget.”

Damien Creavin

SVP & CTO | Availity

85% of IT Leaders See Legacy Systems As Cybersecurity Threat

Legacy tech poses severe cybersecurity risks.

Oftentimes, when developers release updates they include security patches to address identified gaps. Unfortunately, since most organizations’ enterprise applications are 4-5 years behind, many remain largely exposed to threat actors.

Reduce the risk of a cybersecurity breach by addressing this well-known attack vector. As part of our best-fit approach to enterprise application identification, we take security risks into account — finding you a secure, straightforward business solution.

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Deploy Enterprise Applications And Deliver Results

Select, strategize, and solve — as a team.

Shift straight from strategy to solution. Get the buy-in you need to make that shift with decision-makers. From the CTO to the CFO, we speak the language of leadership, making a business case that breaks down wants versus needs, and risks versus rewards you can measure.

Take your enterprise app solution from selection to implementation with a technology consulting partner dedicated to delivering results.

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Your Operation Deserves a Dedicated Team

When it comes to value creation, you need pragmatists and technologists who move at the speed of Private Equity at every stage of the ownership lifecycle.

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Pragmatic Advisors

Get the technical expertise you need balanced with realistic solutions designed to suit your business.

Proven Technologists

Use a team with experience delivering, building, and implementing enterprise applications.

Focused On Results

Achieve timely, measurable results that correlate directly with the business goals that matter most to you.

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Tap Enterprise Applications and Enable Next-Level Performance

Give your business what it needs to succeed and drive value creation along the way.

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