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Achieve value creation through digital transformation.

Generate Value With Digital Technologies For Private Equity

Activate technology. Transform business. Create value for the digital age.

Today, data and technology-led organizations outperform those lagging behind in digital transformation. Whether on a mobile app or in chat, on a website or on the move, your customers, employees and partners demand omnichannel experiences whenever they want — wherever they are.

Will you be there to meet them? Using digital technologies, you create value by driving customer acquisition and improving the customer experience while establishing market leadership. Adapt to an increasingly digital world while streamlining operational efficiency — and create a positive impact on both the top and bottom lines.

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Set A Clear Strategy

Launch your digital business transformation with the right first step. Create a digital strategy and transformation roadmap that accounts for value potential, implementation timelines, and risks.

Modernize Your Model

Stay ahead of the competition and create new models for growth. Develop ecommerce platforms and digital app experiences to connect with and serve customers on their terms.

Enhance Productivity

Help employees streamline their work processes and output. Implement a digital operating model to streamline efficiencies across the business.

Build For Purpose

Cloud, automation, omnichannel, data and analytics — find the right mix for your organization. Optimize growth potential by constructing a custom digital architecture purpose-built for your business.


Consumers likely to change brands without a seamless omnichannel experience


Senior business leaders say digitization is a priority


B2B buyers who expect an Amazon-like buying experience

Spent by enterprise on digital transformation in 2019

Get The Benefits Of Digital Technologies For Private Equity

Go digital and outsize outcomes.

Evolve your digital ecosystem and get to next-level digital maturity. Use and share data effectively. Make better decisions. Connect with your customers, employees, and partners when and where it makes sense.

Digitize the business and drive low-risk, high reward value creation opportunities. Digital technologies are key to your operational transformation and value creation.

Impact Top Line Growth

Market leaders are tapping digital technologies to drive growth. From improved customer acquisition to reduced employee attrition, constructing a digital ecosystem is the way to achieve growth targets.


Realize Bottomline Savings

The weight of outdated processes, cumbersome systems, and old habits slows organizations down. Activate digital technologies for Private Equity and reengineer how things work to drive bottomline savings for your balance sheet.

Adapt To Customer Expectations

Customers are anything but consistent. From trending on TikTok to wanting a customized offer based on purchase history, customer expectations are high. Digital technologies for Private Equity give you the flexibility to increase sales and meet customer needs — wherever they are.

Empower Employees

Help employees deliver effectively and efficiently by giving them the data and digital tools they need. By making data accessible via the cloud or improving collaboration capabilities, you make work easier — and the output better.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Streamline internal processes. Reduce unnecessary or redundant actions. Design a better business that automates and simplifies — all leading you towards operational excellence.

“Superb performance in a challenging and complex customer environment; the PIP team has not missed a beat over 2 years of project work. From the most senior level in the organization and on down there is an unequivocal commitment to the highest levels of customer service.”

Damien Creavin

SVP & CTO | Availity

Technology Is Central to Digital Business Transformation

Evolve your vision of what it means to be in business.

Digital technologies only work to drive value when there is a strategic transformation strategy in place.

By delving further into how the business works, the PIP team creates a digital technologies for Private Equity strategy that aligns to business outcomes. Keep digital transformation activities results-driven by working with a team that understands the value creation equation.

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A Team Focused on Results

Power your digital transformation with a team experienced in designing and implementing digital technologies that drive value.

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Lead With Value Creation

Not all technologies deliver the same results. We understand how timelines, investments, and outcomes impact the balance sheet, and create a plan that outsizes outcomes at every phase of the ownership lifecycle.

Build With Those Who’ve Built

You want a team that has in-depth experience building successful digital organizations. At PIP, your team has led digital initiatives for the biggest brands in almost every industry.

Get A Full Tech Stack Perspective

Construct a pragmatic solution that optimizes technologies, giving you a cohesive, results-driven digital strategy. Get a custom-built tech solution that leverages a broad range of digital technologies.

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