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Change Management

Account for innovation. Plan to evolve. Use change management for Private Equity.

Move To Your Future State Seamlessly

Support the people and processes vital to business and technology transformation.

When you initiate business transformation, you must have a robust change management strategy in place. People adopt processes over time, and uncertainties have the potential to lead to insecurity when the status quo is disrupted.

Embrace change — and plan for it. With change management for Private Equity consulting, you bring in an unbiased perspective familiar with the pain points and obstacles inherent to change. Together, we create a change management strategy that moves the organization forward.

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Navigate Through Change

When you initiate change in an organization – including changes driven by technology – you need to have an organizational change management strategy that takes you from start to finish.

Get Outside Insights

In the midst of change, it’s common to be too close to see things clearly. Technology change management — led by an experienced partner — provides necessary perspective and a neutralizing force.

Avoid Creating Chaos

Attempting to align the people, processes, tools, and technologies in real-time is risky. Mitigate that risk with a proven Private Equity change management consulting partner.

Drive Operational Excellence

A technology-driven transformation is vital to creating value in organizations. Change management for Private Equity ensures operations maintain the levels needed for growth.

Why Change Management For Private Equity Matters



Of Change Management Transformations Fail


Of CIOs Report Culture Change As Biggest Barrier


Of Change Management Projects Are A Success With A Strategy In Place

Anticipate Change. Prepare For Growth.

Don’t leave change up to chance.

Maximize the value creation potential of your technology-driven change management initiatives. By narrowing in on the people, processes, and technology at the center of change, you can devise a strategy that keeps everything — and everyone — on target.



Engage your customers, employees, and ecosystem partners in technology-driven change from the start. Answer their most common questions with empathetic, practical communication.



Design a strategy that transitions seamlessly from the current state to the future, minimizing downtime and maximizing potential.


Streamline the deployment and implementation of technology as part of change to minimize disruption and maximize adoption.

“Performance Improvement Partners consistently provides us with IT experts and practitioners who contribute to our team in meaningful ways. Management and consultants listen to our needs, identify the root cause of challenges, and deliver practical solutions that have a significant impact on the business.”

John J. Ling

CEO | MacKenzie-Childs

Drive Value With Technology At Every Phase Of Ownership

From pre-acquisition diligence to exit strategy preparations, we align our practice areas to the stages of your ownership lifecycle, helping you derive value from technology initiatives strategically deployed.

Explore All Practice Areas

IT Due Diligence

Evaluate technology through the lens of value creation with an IT due diligence from PIP that gives you actionable recommendations phased into manageable steps that drive long-term growth.

Technology Transformation Strategy

Transform business with technology that creates real value — for PE firms, portfolio companies, and the future.

Technology Implementation, Support & Maintenance

Put strategy into action. Use digital technologies, cloud and infrastructure, data and analytics, and automation to evolve the business.


Safeguard the business with strategic security postures that mitigate risk and protect business assets and customer data.

Mergers, Acquisitions, And Divestitures

Evaluate target companies and identify how to capitalize on underlying opportunities with integration and separation planning, roadmaps, and execution that compliment your value creation thesis.

A Team Built For Change

When it comes to implementing the changes that drive growth, you need a technology and business transformation partner who understands the nuances of Private Equity.

At PIP, our projects align to your investment lifecycle — helping you manage tech-driven change in harmony with your value creation goals.

Practical Strategies

Simplify change management for Private Equity with a team that designs practical strategies with a focus on value creation goals.

Experienced Leaders

Leverage the vast experience of the PIP leadership team in devising plans that unite people, process, and technology.

Private Equity Partners

Keep value creation at the forefront. We’ve worked with over 250 PE firms to deliver change management consulting across the ownership lifecycle.

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Shape Outcomes With A Technology Change Management Strategy

Keep customers, employees, and ecosystem partners engaged with your business processes with a change management strategy driven by technology.

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