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Infrastructure Assessment and Implementation Provides Vital Updates for PureRED

Leading Marketing service and technology company PureRED leveraged PIP’s technology infrastructure expertise to deliver digital content and customer experiences at scale, connecting consumers to big brand retail customers.

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PureRED Leadership Gains Infrastructure Baseline and IT Project Management Support

As the industry’s leading creative force behind the marketing solutions that drive buying decisions for retail consumers, PureRED offers traditional and digital marketing solutions to hundreds of the biggest retail brands.

Technology is critical to PureRED’s operations — and the company’s incoming leaders needed increased visibility into the current state of its infrastructure, as well as a pragmatic approach to optimizing and updating technology to enable digital transformation and continue delivering industry-leading marketing solutions to customers.

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The Challenge

PureRED’s incoming leadership team needed visibility into the current infrastructure state and project management support in implementing needed updates — while keeping costs at a minimum.

The Solution

PIP and PureRED partnered to assess the completeness, cost, and viability of PureRED’s current infrastructure, then develop and implement a pragmatic plan that provided scalability, reliability, and security.

The Results

The PureRED leadership team gained insight into the company’s existing infrastructure assets and required upgrades, and the IT team gained project management support and advocacy — enabling infrastructure upgrades and digital business transformation that support a remote workforce and improved service delivery.

“PIP is without equal for any IT company I’ve worked with on the project management side. They kept our budget in mind and devised a plan from the beginning that we could take to the board. The PIP executive summary is our board slide.”

Donny Bradshaw


Key systems analyzed and assessed

Month pragmatic remediation plan

Year upgrade plan

% Complete inventory of IT assets

PureRED’s Incoming Leadership Team Needed IT Visibility

With a new leadership team and a mission to further enable digital transformation for the business, PureRED needed visibility into its infrastructure systems — from PCs and laptops to server configurations — and a pragmatic approach to modernizing those systems to improve overall operational efficiency and better serve customers.

Given the critical daily aspect of their work, the IT team needed additional project management support to execute a project of this magnitude. The PureRED leadership team needed the expertise of a results-driven technology partner, familiar with the goals of the C-Suite, to provide a current state analysis and infrastructure remediation plan that optimized the value proposition while minimizing the impact to EBIDTA. minimized spend.


“PIP did the project management for us. They provided weekly updates that were easy to understand for the financial and executive teams. And they gave us documentation, which was critical to our long-term digital transformation and business strategy.”

Donny Bradshaw


Assessment, Future Modeling, and Planning Give PureRED a Path Forward

PureRED brought in PIP to support the IT team in assessing the company’s infrastructure and developing a plan for value creation through digital business transformation.

Infrastructure Assessment

PIP collected data, conducted an on-site visit and interviews, and documented a current state analysis, while also providing an executive-level briefing of the current state.

Future State Modeling

Given multiple potential paths forward, PIP presented multiple future state models — including opportunities for investment, business impact, and actual numbers for estimated spend — for executive-level review and discussion.

9 Month Remediation Plan

Based on various immediate and long-term needs, PIP developed a 9-month remediation plan to modernize PureRED’s critical systems and mitigate any immediate technology risks.

3-Year Upgrade Plan

After implementing the remediation plan, PIP recommended a pragmatic 3-year plan to upgrade end-of-life systems and implement a strategic digital transformation focused on efficiency, customer experience, and value creation.

“For us, we really wanted to create a pragmatic approach to upgrading PureRED’s infrastructure. Most businesses can’t suddenly drop multiple billions to design enterprise-grade infrastructure. PureRED didn’t need that. They needed a strategic yet sensible approach to modernization and risk management.”

Fred Purdue

Infrastructure Practice Manager| Performance Improvement Partners


Visibility and Strategy for Short- and Long-Term Value Creation Objectives

Current state analysis informs long-term value creation strategy.

PureRED’s IT and executive teams understood that lacking a complete picture of the current state of the company’s technology infrastructure posed a risk and potential loss of opportunity.

With a thorough analysis and assessment of the current state, PureRED and PIP were able to design a pragmatic technology strategy to optimize infrastructure systems and upgrade any past end-of-life systems.

A Pragmatic Plan. An Evolved Digital Transformation.

Based on the information gathered in the assessment and future state modeling provided by PIP, PureRED and PIP designed a multi-phased approach to help the company reach a more robust technology state.

With implementation underway, the immediate results are powering PureRED’s digital transformation.

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Accurate Documentation

As part of the project work, PIP created and delivered accurate documentation of all infrastructure systems to PureRED’s teams.

Complete IT Inventory

For the first time, PureRED had a complete list of all technology assets, a critical deliverable from the current state analysis.

JAMF Deployment

The immediate updates enabled the deployment of JAMF, which allows PureRED to push out updates and automates critical IT administrative tasks — an essential component in enabling a remote workforce.

Immediate Remediation Plan

PIP provided pragmatic options, including an immediate remediation plan to mitigate high- and medium-risk infrastructure issues.

Long-Term Technology Strategy

With a value creation roadmap in mind, PIP and PureRED developed a plan for modernizing remaining infrastructure systems as aligned to the broader business strategy.

“We needed to understand our systems top to bottom, inside and out. RFE recommended PIP to fulfill that need, and we knew from the first meeting it was going to be a strong partnership.”

Donny Bradshaw


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