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Protect mission-critical data, systems, and financial resources while minimizing risks to your investment with cybersecurity for Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies.

Mitigate Risks With Security For Private Equity.

Prevention is vastly cheaper than post-incident remediation.

The umbrella of security is far-reaching and all-encompassing. Security intersects with every layer of the tech stack — from data to infrastructure, applications to hosting — and is critical to safeguarding your business.

Protect against data breaches, revenue impacts, and reputational loss by formulating a defense against ongoing threats with security strategy, implementation planning, and execution.

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Identify Risks and Vulnerabilities

Secure the business by identifying the immediate risks most likely to derail your value creation plan. Understand the biggest threats and prioritize the cybersecurity activities that provide the greatest protection.

Build a Human Firewall

With 90% of data breaches resulting from human error, it’s common practice for hackers to target people instead of machines. Protect your business — and your portfolio — by providing employees with the tools and education they need to safeguard the organization.

Identify Mission-Critical Data

Not all data is created equal. Before you can protect anything, you need to know what you have — and what matters most. Identify your most vital data and protect that first. Then, add layers of data security to deter threat actors across the stack.

Avoid Monetary Losses

Ransomware, phishing campaigns, and other cyber attacks have direct consequences on the balance sheet. Unsecured technology results in risks that are incomprehensible, with financial repercussions that last for years.

Minimize the Risks of Remote Work

Cybersecurity threats are only amplified by a remote workforce. Implement the security measures employees must take to secure data, the business, and your bottom line.


Increase In Large-Scale Data Breaches In 2020

Average Cost Of A Data Breach In 2020


Of Data Breaches Involve Internal Actors

Average Ransomware Payment In 2020

Secure Your Value Creation Strategy

Protect against the most relevant risk vectors.

From lost revenue and business disruption to increased insurance premiums and loss of data, the costs following a security breach are long-lasting and widespread. Protect employees, customers, and your data by formulating a defense against imminent attacks.

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Cybersecurity Controls

Use digital security controls to protect your data that is stored or transferred on the internet from unauthorized use or access.

Infrastructure Protection

Secure the organization’s servers, network, and cloud infrastructure while minimizing the risk of cyber incidents and security leaks.

Applications Security

Phishing scams occur up to 50 times per day per employee. Protect against the most common security attacks by using strong application security controls.

Critical Data Management

Protect mission-critical and industry-regulated data from cyber criminals eager to profit from cybersecurity attacks.

Protect Your Portfolio: Get The Cybersecurity Guide Designed For PE Firms

Find out why the responsibility — and liability — for cybersecurity goes beyond the IT department to the C-Suite and the Board, and learn the baseline activities every employee must take to protect the organization.

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Maximize Value With Technology Expertise

From pre-acquisition diligence to exit strategy preparations, PIP aligns our practice areas and offers to help you drive value creation across your ownership lifecycle.

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IT Due Diligence

Evaluate technology through the lens of value creation with an IT due diligence from PIP that gives you actionable recommendations and ballpark figures.

Mergers, Acquisitions, And Divestitures

Evaluate target companies and identify how to capitalize on underlying opportunities with integration and separation planning, roadmaps, and execution that compliment your value creation thesis.

Technology Transformation Strategy

Transform business with technology that creates real value — for PE firms, portfolio companies, and the future.

Technology Implementation, Support & Maintenance

Put strategy into action. Use digital technologies, cloud and infrastructure, data and analytics, and automation to evolve the business.

Change Management

Ensure a smooth transition through change by using strategic change management approaches that protect value.

A Team Committed To Security For Private Equity

When it comes to implementing your value creation roadmap, you need a technology partner designed for Private Equity. At PIP, our projects are created to secure investments and take security into account at every stage, across your portfolio.


Our team is experienced implementing cybersecurity measures portfolio-wide, saving you time and money.


We align risk to potential, finding pragmatic, best-fit security technology solutions.


Our technologists give you measurable results to support your technology strategy.

Add Security To Your Value Creation Strategy

Minimizing risks requires accounting for the external threats and attacks occurring on a daily basis.

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