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The path to value creation through technology-driven business transformation starts here.

Outsize Outcomes With An Evolved Technology Partner

Discover value creation through the lens of transformation.

For Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, harnessing the power of technology to create value at every stage of the ownership lifecycle is key to unlocking potential.

From pre-acquisition Private Equity IT due diligence to post-acquisition technology road mapping, implementation and support, we devise the blueprint for value creation using disruptive technologies and pragmatic strategies.

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Business Transformation Practice Areas

Learn how to create value at every stage of the business transformation journey.

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures Strategy

Evaluate target companies and explore potential opportunities with M&A and divestitures strategy.

Technology Transformation Strategy

Transform business with technology to create real value — for the business, for customers, and for the future.

Technology Implementation, Support & Maintenance

Use digital technologies, cloud and infrastructure, data and analytics, and automation to evolve the business.


Mitigate risk and protect business assets with a strategic security posture built around your infrastructure, data, and technologies.

Change Management

Minimize the threat to efficiencies during times of change by using strategic change management strategies that preserve value.

Seize The Results Of Transformation

Your world is digital.

Embrace the power of technology to drive value creation and deliver measurable outcomes.

With business transformation, you create revenue growth potential that impacts supply chain optimization, human capital and recruitment, and the customer experience.


Maintain a laser focus on your EBITDA to ensure every action is valuable. Partner with an organization that keeps your ROI front-and-center while creating quantifiable value.


Adapt with a strategic partner that leverages a nimble structure to accommodate every nuanced piece of data and strategic need. It’s not about confirmity – it’s about results. 

Risk Mitigation

Optimize against identified risk factors and understand the impact of every decision. Technology gives you and the business the insights needed to take the right next action. 

Re-implementation Of ERP And WMS Critical For Business Continuity

An international manufacturer of consumer retail commodities for home decor needed rapid correction of critical enterprise apps to meet growing customer demand.

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Throughput While Eliminating Overtime

Month Timeline For 2-Phase Project

Saved In First Year

Launch Your Digital Transformation

The right technology launches business forward — realizing innovative value in every business unit.

Digital Technologies

Empower growth with digital technologies.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Optimize IT infrastructure and cloud deployments.

Data & Analytics

Drive value creation with data and analytics.

BPR & Automation

Create new efficiencies with automation and BPR.

Enterprise Applications

Elevate operations with enterprise applications.


“I worked with Performance Improvement Partners at my previous private equity firm and have worked with them exclusively since founding High Road Capital Partners. They are very pragmatic and do a great job of matching technical proficiency with economic reality. We use PIP for all of our IT diligence and make sure that they are involved in all portfolio company technology implementations.”

Robert J. Fitzsimmons

Founder & Managing Partner | High Road Capital Partners

Zero In On Value Creation

Leverage technology consultants for Private Equity and get the focus you need to scale technology wins and achieve limitless results.


Find out why hundreds of Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies choose PIP — and keep coming back.


Bridge best practices with pragmatism and get innovative value-driven solutions tailored to the needs of your investments.


Achieve outsized outcomes utilizing strategies and implementations with a singular focus: Technology-driven value creation.

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