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Zach Fong

Associate, Client Services |

Zach has over 2 years of Private Equity and M&A experience since his 2019 graduation from the University of Virginia where he captained an All-American varsity swim team. 

In his first role with ENS firm AlphaSights, Zach often partnered with top 25 global PE firms and top three management consultancies on due-diligence, portfolio, and LOI based work. He not only managed client relationships with senior partners and VPs at these clients, but also led projects across workstreams with as many as 6-8 team members to execute and support the decision-making processes of the PE firms he was working with. 

The projects Zach partnered on often involved acquiring or improving Fortune 500 companies from a myriad of different industries and verticals. Through these experiences, he has gained a deep understanding of the PE deal life-cycle, strategies for value creation within growth firms, and overall business leadership.

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