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Tom Jansen

Senior Vice President, Strategic Delivery |

In overseeing the strategic delivery practice of PIP, Tom is responsible for providing strategic services to our Private Equity clients and their portfolio companies, including complex carve-outs, add-on integrations, IT Roadmaps, and sophisticated package Implementations. 

Tom brings over 30 years of experience in leveraging technology and operational efficiencies across the financial services, business services, energy, healthcare, and consumer products industries. In his role, Tom has scored, led, managed or delivered over 200 IT due diligence projects per year. 

His experience includes IT leadership, having served as CIO and VP of IT for two energy companies, as well as mergers and acquisitions management, where he led the carveout and standup of two companies with revenue of $2.5 billion and $800 million. He has led and participated in the development of over 45 IT roadmaps and cost/benefit analysis projects, in addition to leading dozens of ERP/PSA/EHR deployments

Tom holds a BS in Finance from Central Connecticut State University and an MBA in Operations Management from DePaul University.

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